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Cross Stitch Preview

Cross Stitch Chart

Thank you for requesting a Photos2Stitch cross stitch preview!

The image below is an exact likeness of how your personalised Photos2Stitch Cross Stitch will look once completed. The detail in your design will depend on the size and thread count you have chosen - larger designs and higher thread counts will provide the best detail.

If you wish to proceed with your order, please click the ‘continue' button or call Photos2Stitch on 020 8393 6943 to make payment. If you would like any alterations please reply to the accompanying email.

Please note that this is a counted cross stitch with the chart printed across several pages of A4 for ease of use. The pattern is not printed on the fabric.

Photos2Stitch Kits include: instructions, an easy to follow large print colour chart, pre-sorted DMC threads, DMC Aida fabric, and a DMC needle.


Photos2Stitch Charts by post include: instructions, an easy to follow large print colour chart and thread cards.


Photos2Stitch Charts by email include: instructions and an easy to follow large print colour chart.

Design Name: Aimee print
Order Number: 334443
Design Size: 10 x 8 inches
Thread Count: 16

Number of Colours Used: 50
Price: Full Kit £46.25, Chart Only £19.50

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