Everything you need to start stitching your design


Our kits contain:

- Instructions

- Chart

- Pre-sorted DMC threads

- Aida fabric

- Needle


Aida Fabric

Kits are produced using 14, 16 or 18 count Aida fabric depending on the stitch count chosen for the design. 16 count fabric will give you a clear picture but for more detail select the 18 count fabric (remember there will be more stitches per inch). Please see our online guide for more information.


Pre-Sorted DMC Threads

Kits contain DMC threads, pre-sorted on punched cards and colour coded with the DMC number and symbols which correspond to the printed chart.



Your chart will be printed on several pages of A4 paper - a lot bigger than the original design to make it easy to follow. Charts are printed in colour with symbols on each square representing the thread colour to use. An easy to read key to the symbols is included. Black and white charts can be requested when ordering.


Make a Photos2Stitch cross stitch to use as personalised wall art for your room, or give one as a gift to your friends and family. Try using your favourite photo of your pet, or use a photo from a recent occasion. Wedding photos will make for some treasured memories and you will enjoy seeing your masterpiece come together, stitch by stitch. Get even more creative by using a few photos together to make a cross stitch collage. We can design the best layout for you. This would be a perfect way to showcase your pet or baby as they grow.

Our kits represent good value for money as you only pay for the threads you need rather than for whole skeins (8 metres) at high street prices. The threads we use are top notch in quality and we will arrange them for you on colour coded cards to save you the hassle. Your chart is also printed in colour across several numbered A4 sheets to make them easy to read.

Convert your photos or images into cross stitch to hang on your wall as unique and one-of-a-kind home decor. Photos2Stitch kits are a fun and memorable way to add personal touch to your living space.

With our team of editors, it's easy to create a personalised cross stitch for your home. Simply upload your favourite photo(s), choose the size and thread count of the cross stitch you would like (if known) and let us know of any alterations you would like made. Our team of editors will then work as quickly as possible to produce a preview of how your cross stitch will look once finished.

If you're new to cross stitch and going for a small decor piece on your bookshelf, try an 8 x 6" design, or go for a minimum of 14 x 12" if you're looking to fill up a large wall. We can produce cross stitch designs of almost any size.