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PHOTOS2STITCH Complete kits and chart only options


Completed cross stitch designs

We offer 3 different options - Complete kit, chart only by post or chart only by email

Kit contents

Our complete kits contain:
- Instructions
- Chart
- Pre-sorted DMC threads
- Aida fabric
- Needle

Photos2Stitch chart

Our chart only options:

Cross Stitch Charts contain the same printed colour charts as our kits, together with punched thread organiser cards and full instructions.


Charts do not include the DMC threads, Aida fabric or needle.

We also offer the option of chart by email, which only includes your instructions, chart and thread usage.


Aida fabric

Aida Fabric

Kits are produced using 14, 16 or 18 count Aida fabric depending on the stitch count chosen for the design. 16 count fabric will give you a clear picture but for more detail select the 18 count fabric (remember there will be more stitches per inch). Please see our online guide for more information.

DMC pre sorted threads

Thread cards

Included with our charts are sufficient thread cards to organise your threads for the task in hand.

DMC pre sorted threads

Pre-Sorted DMC Threads

Kits contain DMC threads, pre-sorted on punched cards and colour coded with the DMC number and symbols which correspond to the printed chart.

Example chart


Your chart will be printed on several pages of A4 paper - a lot bigger than the original design to make it easy to follow. Charts are printed in colour with symbols on each square representing the thread colour to use. An easy to read key to the symbols is included. Black and white charts can be requested when ordering.

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